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    A Serializable Schedule Is Always Serial Number


    However, in a large-scale system (e.g., Grid and Cloud), due to the distribution of such information, substantial performance penalty is typically incurred, even when distributed versions of the methods (VsConflict serializabilityFor example, a dirty read can only occur if one transaction can select rows while another transaction is in the middle of inserting or updating data in the same row.We start with an empty graph with five vertices labeled T1, T2, T3, T4, T5In order to meet this requirement special cases of serializability, sufficient conditions for serializability which can be enforced effectively, are utilizedThe serial schedules will be Relation Between Serializability and Recoverability : When are2 schedules equivalent? There are three types of equivalence of schedules : Result equivalence Conflict equivalence View equivalence Based on the types of equivalence, we define the types of serializabilityThat last clause “…regardless of the specific information…” comes from peculiarities that may arise based on precisely what the database containsCahill, Uwe Rhm, Alan D


    While serializability is currently compromised on purpose in many applications for better performance (only in cases when application's correctness is not harmed), compromising recoverability would quickly violate the database's integrity, as well as that of transactions' results external to the databaseSerializability is the major correctness criterion for concurrent transactions' executionsSpecial enhancements are needed for adding recoverabilityIt might group several rows together into just one element.]Serializability of a schedule means equivalence (in the outcome, the database state, data values) to a serial schedule (i.e., sequential with no transaction overlap in time) with the same transactionsThe inconsistencies introduced in Typical types of inconsistency are typical of the types of problems that appear when the schedule is not serializable


    Conflict serializability 3.1Consider the following schedule: S1: R1(A), W1(A), R2(A), W2(A), R1(B), W1(B), R2(B), W2(B) If Oi and Oj are two operations in a transaction and Oi T2 or T2->T1 ->Swapping non-conflicting operations R2(A) and R1(B) in S1, the schedule becomes, S11: R1(A), W1(A), R1(B), W2(A), R2(A), W1(B), R2(B), W2(B) ->Similarly, swapping non-conflicting operations W2(A) and W1(B) in S11, the schedule becomes, S12: R1(A), W1(A), R1(B), W1(B), R2(A), W2(A), R2(B), W2(B) S12 is a serial schedule in which all operations of T1 are performed before starting any operation of T2Serializability enforcing mechanisms typically do not maintain a precedence graph as a data structure, but rather prevent or break cycles implicitly (e.g., SS2PL below)We want the DBMS to provide four properties, called the ACID properties:Contents 1 Database transaction 2 Correctness 2.1 Serializability 2.2 Relaxing serializability 3 View and conflict serializability 4 Enforcing conflict serializability 4.1 Testing conflict serializability 4.2 Common mechanism - SS2PL 4.3 Other enforcing techniques 4.3.1 Optimistic versus pessimistic techniques 4.3.2 Serializable multi-version concurrency control 5 Distributed serializability 5.1 Overview 6 See also 7 Notes 8 References As such it is supported in all general purpose database systems


    References[edit]MVCC is especially popular nowadays through the relaxed serializability (see above) method Snapshot isolation (SI) which provides better performance than most known serializability mechanisms (at the cost of possible serializability violation in certain cases)Common mechanism - SS2PL[edit]w1(A), r2(A), w1(B), w3(C), r2(C), r4(B), w2(D), w4(E), r5(D), w5(E) Distributed serializability[edit]We think of the database as executing transactions: Sequences of operations that are packaged together, that must be executed as a wholeRunning - Its program(s) is (are) executingA distributed transaction comprises more than one local sub-transactions that each has states as described above for a database transactionLinearizability, a more general concept in concurrent computing the operations are by the same transaction the operations use the same database element, and at least one is a write 3b93dbd243

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